Clock Display with 1 inch 7 Segment LEDs


Remote Clock and Speed gun display.   One inch tall 7 segment LED display.  Support for the most popular scoreboards and speed guns.

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1 inch tall seven segment LED elements.
BNC input 20mA current loop (RS232 available with external adaptor cable).
12 volt operation/ 4pin XLR connector.

Displays the following Scoreboard clocks or Speed Guns;

OES (9.6kBaud)
WhiteWay (9.6kBaud)
Daktronics DSTI (9.6kBaud ESPN Format)
Daktronics DSTI (9.6kBaud FOX Format)
Display Solutions (9.6kBaud)
Daktronics RTD (19.2kBaud)
Jugs Speed Gun (1.2kBaud)
Stalker Pro Speed Gun (9.6kBaud)
Stalker Sport Speed Gun (1.2kBaud)
Pitch F/X Speed Data (9.6kBaud)