DKO Modem


Different Kind of Modem:

A one box solution to data ground isolation and long cable runs. Unlike other modems that require two modems, one configured to transmit the other to receive, only one DKO Modem is needed to receive data and acheive the same result.

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Increase usable cable length up to ten times, with only one box (2000Ft. @ 9600 Baud).
Optically isolated Inputs eliminate data ground loops.
Multiple input connectors allow for; bare wire, male or female D-Sub 9 pin or BNC connections.
Push button NULL switching between DTE and DCE modes.
Push button polarity switching to compensate for mis-wires.
Push button switching between RS232 and Short Haul Modem data modes.
Data presence LED.
Power Led.
12 volt wall wart power supply with 4pin XLR connector.