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RS232 & Current Loop Receiver

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Dramatically increases data cable length from a standard RS232 source.

  • Tissot – 115200 Baud – 300 meters
  • Daktronics RTD – 19200 Baud – 600 meters
  • OES, DAK DSTI, Fairplay, Stalker Pro, etc, – 9600 Baud – 1000 meters
  • Jugs Gun, Stalker Sport – 1200 Baud – 1000 meters

*Note: The above specifications are valid for Belden 1694A 16.2pF/Ft or CAT5 15pF/Ft. Expect a reduction in distance with higher capacitance cable. Actual distances may vary depending on the cable you use.

The DKO Modem receiver works by treating a standard RS232 signal as a current loop. Instead of detecting the RS232 alternating voltage it detects the alternating current.  The resulting effect is an increase in reliable data cable lengths without the need to convert the RS232 data at the source.  It will also receive 20mA current loop data transmissions.


  • Front Panel Switches; NULL (DTE/DCE), Mode (RS232/C.L.) & Polarity (+/-)
  • Front Panel Indicators; Power LED, Data presence LED
  • Front panel Outputs; 2 DB9 female RS232
  • Rear Panel Input Connectors; DB9 Male, DB9 Female, BNC & Binding Posts
  • Rear Panel Power Supply Input; 4XLRM 12VDC 300mA (pin 4 +, pin 1 gnd)
  • Input Overload Protection; Max input voltage = 60VDC
  • Enclosure; 5” X 6” X 1 5/8”, ABS Plastic housing, Fiberglas end panels
  • 3 year warranty

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